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The Tennis Channel v. Comcast: Game Over?

New opinion highlights debate over the role of antitrust law in FCC disputes.

Towards a More Balanced European Telecom Policy

How should the EU encourage next-generation networks?.

FCC Considers Regulating Interstate Inmate Calling Service

FCC seeks public comment as it considers new regulations.

Do Chinese Telecom Companies Pose a Threat to U.S. National Security?

Congressional committee releases report on potential security risks.

The Value of Increasing Unlicensed Spectrum

Increasing unlicensed spectrum could increase social welfare.

FCC Reform Bill Wins Key Committee Vote

Party-line vote moves forward bill that would change FCC processes.

The Regulatory Week in Review: March 16, 2012

Anti-smoking campaign, SEC probe of pre-IPO trading, inquiry into European telecom operators, and more.

The Regulatory Week in Review: February 24, 2012

Inquiry into overdraft practices, liability for Gulf Coast oil spill, changes to, and more.

The Regulatory Week in Review: February 17, 2012

President's budget proposal released, dry cleaning solvent declared a likely carcinogen, robocall rules updated, and more.

Commerce Department Responds to Concerns over Expansion of Internet Domain Names

Public criticism prompts Commerce Department to address risks associated with domain name expansion.

FCC Mulls Revising Sports Blackout Rules

U.S. broadcast regulator accepts comments on petition to revise rules.

Coast Guard Seeks Partners to Help Stave Off Spectrum Crisis

Public-private research partnerships would explore alternatives to GPS.

FCC Chair Outlines Plan for Closing the Digital Divide

Draft order circulating to Commissioners would aim to increase broadband access in low-income communities.

A Backwards Idea from the FCC

The public should not be required to submit copies of material cited in rulemaking comments.

A Call for a Radical New Communications Policy

The FCC should regulate like antitrust agencies, providing competition-based ex post remedies.

Regulatory News: Year in Review

Health care reform, the Dodd-Frank Act, environmental protection, and open government are discussed in our top news posts from 2011.

FCC Staff Report Finds AT&T/T-Mobile Merger Contrary to Public Interest

AT&T calls report "obviously one-sided" and questions whether its authors were "predisposed."

The Regulatory Week in Review: November 25, 2011

EPA delays proposed greenhouse gas limits on refineries, public interest groups ask FCC to lift sports blackout rule, federal commission postpones decision on fracking, and more.

Advocate on Health Care Act Discusses Supreme Court's Current Term

A former Solicitor General, who will argue for the act's unconstitutionality, spoke at Penn Law.

Senate Fails to Overturn the FCC's Net Neutrality Rules

New "open Internet" regulations survive congressional challenge.