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What Should the New OIRA Administrator Do?

Now that Howard Shelanski is confirmed, he faces choices about his priorities.

Defining Government Failure

Ideological presumptions should not obscure key elements of "government failure."

Policy Entrepreneurs: The Power of Audacity

What can the efforts of a single former OIRA official teach about making broad institutional changes?

Who Is Running OIRA?

Former EPA official questions review process during transition to new "regulatory czar" at OIRA.

What are Regulation's Effects on Employment?

New Wharton Public Policy Initiative issue brief by Professor Coglianese reviews the evidence.

The Paradox of Regulation: What It Can and Cannot Achieve

Regulatory success depends on managing actuarial, socio-cultural, and political risk.

The Administrative President

In his second term, President Obama will seek even more policy change by influencing federal administrative agencies.

Media, Polarization, and Regulatory Politics

Research highlights correlation between partisan media and a polarized public.

Assessing Regulations in the Wake of Disaster

New book argues for careful deliberation before making vast changes to regulatory system.

The Regulatory Blame Game

Criticism of FDA over meningitis outbreak repeats a familiar pattern of regulatory blame.

Changing the System

We hold the power to change our governmental system.

When is a Federal Agency not a Federal Agency?

Credit union overseer is not subject to normal government rules when acting as liquidator.

Penn Conference Dissects the Impact of Regulation on Jobs

Conference at Penn Law analyzes effects of regulation on employment and offers guidance for policymakers.

Presidential Candidates Spar Over Role for Regulation

In debate, Obama and Romney disagree on how much regulation is needed.

Has the U.S. Regulatory System Broken Down?

A new book both challenges and informs the debate over government regulation.

Trickle-down Regulatory Impact Analysis

Does the president's political party lead to better or worse RIAs?

Democrats Defend Obama's Record on Regulation

2012 platform argues that the administration made regulations simpler, more open, and more flexible.

Regulating at Midnight

Are regulatory analyses worse when rules are issued in the closing days of an outgoing administration?

Remembering James Q. Wilson

The Penn Program on Regulation celebrates the life and work of scholar James Q. Wilson.

Drawing Inspiration from James Q. Wilson's "Bureaucracy"

Few have had as much influence on my development as a researcher as Professor Wilson.