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Citizen Feedback in Chinese Policymaking

Officials increasingly consult with an engaged public when setting policy.

Obama Administration Moves to Expand Access to Government Data

Executive order makes open and accessible data a default government policy.

New York City Unleashes a Flood of Open Data

Law promises to promote transparency and encourage technological innovation.

FOIA Requests Go Online

New portal promises improved public access to government information.

"/Develop"-ing Open Government Resources

White House launches "one-stop shop" of open government resources.

Clearer Framing Needed for "Open Government"

Open government debate needs to separate politics from technology.

The Regulatory Week in Review: January 27, 2012

Obama's State of the Union Address, EU data protection overhaul, revised U.S. school lunch standards, the World Economic Forum, and more.

Regulatory Analysis: Year in Review

Cost-benefit analysis, Europe's E. coli outbreak, health care antitrust, environmental regulation, and more ... as discussed in our top analysis posts from 2011.

Regulatory News: Year in Review

Health care reform, the Dodd-Frank Act, environmental protection, and open government are discussed in our top news posts from 2011.

The Regulatory Week in Review: December 9, 2011

House passes REINS Act, HHS Secretary limits access to Plan B, Senate blocks CFPB nominee, and more.

An Executive Order to Stop Future WikiLeaks

President Obama issued an executive order to safeguard confidential information transferred on government networks.

The Regulatory Week in Review: September 23, 2011

Online petition tool, changes to online privacy protection, Texas sues the EPA over power plant emissions rule, and more.

The Regulatory Week in Review: August 26, 2011

Regulatory reform plans, greater airline passenger protections, online greenhouse gas reporting, and more.

HHS Releases Progress Report on Open Government

The agency details its plans to enhance transparency, public collaboration.

Obama Directs Independent Regulatory Agencies

Executive order contains strongly worded regulatory reform guidelines.

New Virginia Legislation on the Closure of Abortion Clinics

The law requires abortion clinics to meet stringent standards.

Washington Workshop on Assessing Open Government

PPR workshop discusses how to study government transparency programs.

GSA Launches Website on Federal Advisory Committees

Website makes FACA data more accessible.

Open Government and Its Impact

Defining open government and conceptualizing its success are key first steps in developing a transparency research agenda.

Budget Deal May Shut Down Open Government Websites

Obama's Open Government Initiative takes a budget hit.