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Hold the Phone: FDA to Regulate Smartphone Health Apps?

As mobile health industry grows, regulation looms.

FDA Clarifies the Orphan Drug Act

FDA regulation seeks to encourage development of drugs for rare diseases.

Health Care Reform Goes Back to Court

Lawsuits challenge the implementation of Obamacare.

CMS Proposes to Significantly Increase Reward for Reporting Medicare Fraud

CMS expects proposed rule to help recuperate more Medicare funds.

Transforming the Nature of Drug Safety Regulation

Using retrospective drug safety data can improve patient care.

Real State Power Means Getting in the Obamacare Game

Embracing the implementation of Obamacare could give states greater power.

GAO Report Finds Excess Spending in Medicare

GAO urges changes to payment formula for certain Medicare plans.

Proposed Rule Imposes Spending Ratio on Insurers in Medicare Contracts

Rule would establish minimum health care spending requirements for some Medicare plans.

The Regulatory Week in Review: March 1, 2013

HHS implements provisions of the ACA, CFPB and FDIC reportedly investigate online payday lending, and more.

New Proposal to Cut Red Tape for Rural Health Care Facilities

Proposed rule aims to eliminate excessively burdensome Medicare regulations.

The Regulatory Week in Review: February 1, 2013

Federal judges reject recess appointments, HHS and IRS propose heath care rules, and more.

A Prescription for the FDA

To solve fundamental problems, food and drug safety agency must adapt.

A Prescription for the FDA

To solve fundamental problems, food and drug safety agency must adapt.

The Regulatory Week in Review: December 28, 2012

Supreme Court declines to halt temporarily the contraceptive coverage rule, FTC toughens child online privacy rule, and more.

States Waiting to Decide on Medicaid Expansion

Majority of states appear to be waiting until after next week's election.

Presidential Candidates Spar Over Role for Regulation

In debate, Obama and Romney disagree on how much regulation is needed.

Justice Roberts's Opinion on Health Care Reform

We excerpt key portions of Chief Justice Roberts's opinion.

Obamacare and Federalism's Tug of War Within

A theory of "balanced federalism" may advance the federalism debate over health care reform.

An Alternative to the Individual Mandate

Nobel Laureate suggests alternative ways to control adverse selection in health insurance markets.

The Regulatory Week in Review: April 20, 2012

Mississippi enacts abortion law, EPA releases fracking rules, appeals court temporarily blocks union poster rule, and more.