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The Future of E-Cigarette Regulation

FDA plans to regulate devices as "tobacco products."

Horse Meat Scandal Turns into Food Safety Crisis

Why country-of-origin-labeling is not the right solution.

The Regulatory Week in Review: March 1, 2013

HHS implements provisions of the ACA, CFPB and FDIC reportedly investigate online payday lending, and more.

Will OMB Make the Right Decision on Menu Labeling?

Requiring grocery stores to display calories may be too costly for its purported benefits.

The Regulatory Week in Review: February 1, 2013

Federal judges reject recess appointments, HHS and IRS propose heath care rules, and more.

Improving Drug Safety Regulation after the Meningitis Outbreak

Congress should provide FDA with clearer authority and increased resources.

A Prescription for the FDA

To solve fundamental problems, food and drug safety agency must adapt.

The Benefits of Public Advisory Committees at the FDA

More committees with less conflicted members may increase regulatory safety.

FDA Proposes Food Safety Rules

Proposed rules seek to tackle food-borne illness.

When It Comes to Regulation, Europe is the New United States

PPR seminar speaker argues that Europe has become a global leader in regulation, US more restrained.

FDA Further Appeals Loss over Graphic Tobacco Packages Regulation

Agency seeks further review of lower court decision on graphic warnings rule.

FDA Finds Arsenic in Many Rice Products

Federal food safety agency says cutting rice consumption would be premature.

PPR Announces Fall 2012 Risk Regulation Series

Three seminars will offer critical insights into regulation's impact on business and society.

Proposition 37: Science, Law, and Consumer Protection

Californians will vote on whether to require the labeling of foods containing genetically modified products.

Fat Taxes in Europe

Although the EU probably has the legal authority to impose "fat taxes," the policy case for doing so needs to be stronger.

The Regulatory Week in Review: June 1, 2012

FTC chair calls for improved internet privacy, President Obama renews bank charter, DOMA declared unconstitutional, and more.

Patents, Patients, and Profits: Winners and Losers in Drug Patent Challenges

Challenges to branded drugs from generic firms have benefits and costs.

Member of Congress Documents "Loophole" for Medical Device Approval

Advocacy groups join Rep. Markey in calling for reform of FDA review process.

FDA Rejects Petition to Ban BPA

Agency will continue to monitor the results of toxicity studies.

Pennsylvania's SNAP Asset Test Will Backfire

The test will be expensive and discourage efforts to become financially independent.