Results tagged “Environmental Regulation”

Global Treaty on Mercury Signed in Japan

When ratified, new international agreement will require restricted use of mercury by 2020.

Regulatory Responses to Honeybee Deaths

Regulatory efforts to combat honeybee deaths focus on pesticides.

The History of Precaution

An analysis of legal traditions provides insight into transnational regulatory relations.

TSCA and the Proposed Chemical Safety Improvement Act

Despite limitations, proposed legislation would improve regulation of chemicals.

The Clean Air Act and the Poor

Economists' study provides a quantitative look at the equities of environmental regulation.

Adjusting the Social Cost of Carbon: A Commonsense Revision

Changes should be made to better reflect underlying scientific models.

The Clean Water Act Needs Positive Reform

House bills would roll back rather than advance progress on water quality.

Conservatism and Scientific Data in the Climate Debate

A viable conservative approach to environmental policy must be rooted in science.

States' Varied Approaches to Fracking Regulation

Report compares thirty-one states' regulations on hydraulic fracturing.

The Environmental Impacts of the Built World

EPA report suggests strategies for mitigating development's environmental effects.

Will Proposed Federal Rule Effectively Relax Stricter State Bans on Shark Finning?

Marine agency's proposed rule may preempt more protective state and territorial laws.

Draft Bill Would Limit EPA Rulemaking Power

Proposal would require Energy Department to review EPA regulations costing more than $1 billion.

Republican Bills Would Obstruct Enforcement of Environmental Laws

Proposed legislation could give industry intervenors excessive influence in rulemaking.

Who Is Running OIRA?

Former EPA official questions review process during transition to new "regulatory czar" at OIRA.

A Proposed Environmental Agenda for Obama's Second Term

New position paper calls for climate change and sustainable energy regulations.

EPA Proposes to Increase Fuel Ethanol Content Standards

Despite criticisms, proposed 2013 biofuel requirements remain high.

Climate Change and the North American Wolverine

Citing climate change, government seeks to classify the wolverine as a threatened species.

Effective Climate Policy: The Case for a Carbon Tax

A carbon tax is the most effective and least costly climate policy.

Often Forgotten Actors in Environmental Regulation

Federal regulators get the attention, but state regulators are important too.

The Regulatory Week in Review: February 1, 2013

Federal judges reject recess appointments, HHS and IRS propose heath care rules, and more.