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Do Regulations Kill Jobs?

PPR holds Washington workshop showcasing latest research on employment impacts.

Costs, Benefits, and the Non-Political Nature of OIRA Review

OIRA performs the role of information aggregator.

What OIRA Really Does

Former administrator offers an overview of OIRA's internal processes.

The Big Ideas Behind OIRA

"The role of OIRA is emphatically one of procedural safeguards."

Can a Regulatory Budget Trim Red Tape?

A paperwork budget could gain bipartisan support.

Cost-Benefit Analysis: A Tool for Good Governance in Financial Regulation

Effective evaluation helps to guard against regulatory capture.

Debate over OIRA's Virtues and Vices Continues

Cass Sunstein and Lisa Heinzerling debate what really happens in OIRA.

Defining Government Failure

Ideological presumptions should not obscure key elements of "government failure."

The Regulatory Week in Review: June 21, 2013

Supreme Court allows FTC continue suit, SEC may seek admissions of guilt, and more...

Senators Question President's Pick for OIRA Administrator

Howard Shelanski questioned on delays, retrospective review, and role for cost-benefit analysis.

Using a Compliance Cost Cap to Constrain Regulation

Forthcoming paper proposes firm limits be set on costs of regulatory policy.

OMB Releases Draft of Annual Report on Regulation's Impacts

Major rules, especially EPA's, potentially create enormous net benefits.

Draft Bill Would Limit EPA Rulemaking Power

Proposal would require Energy Department to review EPA regulations costing more than $1 billion.

The Regulatory Week in Review: May 17, 2013

DOJ opens investigation of IRS for unfair scrutiny, the Senate confirms Moniz as Secretary of Energy, and more.

Environmental Cost-Benefit Analysis Spreads to Developing World

Despite challenges, cost-benefit analysis can serve as an effective tool worldwide.

Substance or Politics: What Dictates Obama's Regulatory Agenda?

Both critics and defenders overstate true role of cost-benefit analysis in rulemaking

Will OMB Make the Right Decision on Menu Labeling?

Requiring grocery stores to display calories may be too costly for its purported benefits.

Exempting Climate Mitigation from OIRA Review

EPA needs less OIRA oversight to address climate change.

Democrats Defend Obama's Record on Regulation

2012 platform argues that the administration made regulations simpler, more open, and more flexible.

Regulation as a Dynamic Macroeconomic Enterprise

Regulators can do a better job of anticipating reactions when designing regulations.