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FCC Rules on Robocalls Go Into Effect

New regulations to protect consumers from telemarketers' automatic calls.

Check Your Phone Bill: Are you Being "Crammed"?

FCC proposes rule designed to identify and prevent unauthorized phone charges.

"Divide and Differ:" Avoiding Catastrophe in the Digital Age

Scholar suggests new strategy for improving cybersecurity.

CFPB Possesses Unique Accountability Structure

Consumer protection agency is sensibly structured to resist the dangers of client politics.

CFPB Seeks to Increase Oversight of Nonbank Student Loan Servicers

Proposed rule to protect nearly 50 million Americans with student loan debt.

CFPB Debuts an Expanded Consumer Complaint Database

To increase transparency, Bureau releases 90,000 consumer financial complaints

CFPB Reports to Congress on Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

The agency will focus on promoting fairness for both consumers and law-abiding debt collectors.

Trust & Verify: How the CPSC Gets the Information It Needs

Contrary to critics, statute leads to better information for consumer protection.

The Regulatory Week in Review: February 1, 2013

Federal judges reject recess appointments, HHS and IRS propose heath care rules, and more.

FTC Launches Investigation into Data Brokerage Companies

Agency to determine whether more regulation is needed to protect consumers.

CFPB Examines Obstacles to Repayment of Private Student Loans

Report finds similarity between complaints by student borrowers and mortgagors.

FTC Issues New Green Marketing Guidelines

Revised Green Guides address deceptive environmental claims.

CFPB Issues Safe Harbor Countries List for Remittance Transfer Providers

Consumer agency exempts some cross-border money transfers from certain disclosure requirements.

Consumers and Lenders May See Different Credit Scores

CFPB finds credit score discrepancies and recommends heightened consumer awareness.

FDA Finds Arsenic in Many Rice Products

Federal food safety agency says cutting rice consumption would be premature.

A Simple Solution to Ineffective Regulations

Two CPSC Commissioners explain how to improve consumer product safety regulation.

The Regulatory Week in Review: June 8, 2012

Fed proposes new bank capital rules, SEC approves circuit breaker rules, EU plans to adopt strict auto emission limits, and more.

The Regulatory Week in Review: May 25, 2012

Senate votes to reauthorize FDA user fees, JP Morgan hires former SEC exec, and the White House unveils digital strategy, and more.

Time to Discard the Precautionary Principle at the CPSC

Upcoming phthalate regulations give CPSC an opportunity to reexamine its risk exposure policies.

The Apple E-Books Litigation: A Page-Turner

Allegations in complaints befit a conspiracy novel - one that Apple argues is completely fictional.