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Citizen Feedback in Chinese Policymaking

Officials increasingly consult with an engaged public when setting policy.

The Supreme Court Should Avoid a Constitutional Ruling in Noel Canning

The Court should allow the political process to resolve recess appointments controversy.

The History of Precaution

An analysis of legal traditions provides insight into transnational regulatory relations.

Bill Moves Forward to Amend the Regulatory Process

Debate ensues over the proposed Regulatory Accountability Act.

Debate Ensues Over Congressional Control of Agency Rulemaking

Scholars debate the constitutionality--and wisdom--of the REINS Act.

Federal Appeals Court Says EPA Cannot Make Rules by Correspondence

Court vacates EPA letters to Senator, holding they amounted to new regulations.

How to Interpret a Regulation: First Principles

A new framework promises greater coherence in regulatory interpretation.

Penn Convenes Major Dialogue on Chinese Administrative Law

Leading Chinese and American scholars discuss possibilities for legal development.

Members of Congress Need Not Send to Ask For Whom the Bell Tolls

Congress must not forget its role in setting regulatory policy.

Regulation's Four Core Components

A clear framework to cut through semantics about different types of regulations.

Is Flexible Regulation an Oxymoron?

Regulatory flexibility makes sense only when comparing rules' stringency, structure, specificity, and scope.

The Regulatory Week in Review: July 20, 2012

White House emails released on EPA soot standards, federal court upholds EPA air rule, CFPB probes Capital One's marketing, and more.

Grounded: Not Only in Ideas, But in Reality

Prof. Wilson was much more than a dissertation adviser.

The Regulatory Week in Review: July 13, 2012

SEC approves database for stock trade audits, FTC considers Internet privacy fine, CFTC votes on definition of "swap", and more.

What Happens in Real Bureaucracies

Wilson's Bureaucracy course at Harvard was the beginning of a lifelong professional relationship.

James Q. Wilson: An Appreciation

All of us who knew James Q. Wilson have much to be grateful for.

The First Step: Let's Kill All the Regulations

Romney's strongest reform proposals would dramatically change regulation in the U.S.

Strong Politics, Weak Prospects

Romney's plan is a promising political statement, but its practical suggestions fall short.

From Rhetoric to Action

Presidential nominee Mitt Romney would need congressional support for his regulatory reform proposals.

Romney's Regulatory Agenda - Right Turn?

Romney's proposals could be productive changes to regulatory review policy.